Get flex credit!

You can get flex credit for many things you do at the Program for Online Teaching, including:

  • Viewing recordings or presentations and reflecting in writing about them
  • Reading articles from the POT reading list and writing reflections about them
  • Participating in units from the POT Certificate Class (Spring 2014 is here)
  • Taking the year-long POT Certificate Class (starting September 1 each year)
  • Taking Blackboard training through Karen’s self-assessed modules
  • Attending POT workshops or offering a workshop

Recording reading and viewing for flex

You can read any article in the POT reading list or watch any current recordings at the POT site (or other professional development sites approved by POT as indicated at the POT website) and count it as MiraCosta College flex under Category II so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. You post, either on your own blog or here at the Forum, a 250 word minimum reflection on what you read or viewed,
  2. You select Record -> Category II.
  3. You take a screenshot of the post you made to upload into the system,
  4. The video or conference recording you view is no more than three years old,
  5. As with other flex activities, the work must be done outside of teaching hours.